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 Home of Cancer Survivor Stories contains a collection of cancer survivor stories from people around the world.  They all have one important aspect in common - they have taken Tian Xian liquid (pronounced as Deanne Sean).

We believe that each person needs emotional support  to cope with the disease and its treatments.  This also applies to family and friends who are also going through the same emotional distress.

The goal of this site is to be able to bring encouragement and comfort by providing personal life stories of people who also went thru the same dark tunnel.

One does not have to travel this journey alone.  If you've taken Tian Xian products and would like to share your experience with us, please email us at

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100 Cancer Survivors from around the globe joins the "Thank You, Tian Xian Inventor" event.

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Featured Testimonials (Maribel C. Lim, Philippines)

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Living with any serious disease can be difficult and challenging. I know how each one of you who has a serious ailment feels…I have also felt that way…more than two years ago.

After reading the MRI result in July of 2001, my husband and I went from one doctor to another to find out the best way to extend my life, to be cured of my cancer. Three, four, five…seven…I can no longer count how many oncologists we’ve been to…all specialist in pancreatic cancer, a kind of cancer in which the patient has little chance of getting cured. This is the most aggressive form of cancer. Too little time is given to you to think…if you are still able to think straight given your serious condition.

When I had the courage to ask the doctor how long I will live if I would not undergo operation, his response stunned me…6 months only, one year at the most.

When I heard those words…I felt the world standing still. Everything the doctor was saying was incomprehensible. I felt like a prisoner handed a death sentence. During those moments I felt numbness all over my body. What I could only feel at that time were tears running down my cheeks.


Customer Feedback

Mr. Esad Mahmudi (Birthday: 1965)
Diagnosis: Lung cancer (3cm Tumor)
Tian Xian treatment duration: 2 months.
Result : Tumor is 1.5cm now. (Turkey)

Mr.Mustafa Şimşek (Birthday: 1941)
Diagnosis: Tumor in neck, waist, and bone.
Medical Treatment : Radiotherapy.
Duration Tian Xian Treatment : 2 months.
Result : He was bedridden. The first days, he had diarrhea. Afterwards, the patient started to put on weight and his appetite started to develop.  The end of the first month after using the Tian Xian, he came to our office by walking. Now, the tumor is only on his neck and it became small to 1cm. from 3cm. (Turkey)

Mr.Abdullah Özdemir (Birthday: 1928)
Diagnosis: Large intestine cancer.
Medical Treatment : Surgery twice.
Tian Xian Treatment : 1 month
Result : He started to put on weight. He could continue the Tian Xian only 1 month and 1 time because of his buying impossibility (he is very poor). Now, he continues his life normally. (Turkey)

Mr.Ali Karademir (Birthday: 1933)
Diagnosis : Liver cancer (The tumor is : 4*4 and 5*7)
Intestine: 6mm Tumor
Right kidney: 1cm Tumor
Medical Treatment: NONE.
Tian Xian treatment : 2 months.
Result : In the first week, the faeces with smell, often urine and started an ache on the liver. He was 51kgs., now he is 62kgs. His appetite is very good. The tumors on the liver are 2*1cm and 4*3cm. The tumor on the intestine disappeared. (Turkey)

Mrs.Sündüz Çakan (Birthday : 1943)
Diagnosis: Stomach lymph cancer (3 tumours)
Medical Treatment : chemotherapy, drug treatment (6 months)
Tian Xian Treatment: 3 months
Result : After her using the Tian Xian , her illness is going very positive. The tumors on the stomach disappeared completely. (Turkey)

My father has died at 6am on October 8, 2003.  Fortunately, I was able to be with him until the last minute.  In spite of the pain that I feel; I have the tranquility that my father was in peace. Tian Xian capsules helped him have a better quality of life. (Chile)*

James is still progressing and both he and Maria are delighted as we are too. (United Kingdom)

"I found your name online while looking for information on purchasing Tian Xian Liquid (10cc). I am a cancer patient who has been using Tian Xian Liquid for the last four months with good results." (New York)

Paul is more than delighted with his father's progress, he has been able to take him out today for a couple of hours. Many, many thanks. (United Kingdom)


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