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Face Disease With The Will ower Needed In Climbing Mountains

Gunma County, Mr. Horikuchi, 70

Sustain the will power with the desire to climb a mountain

I originally suffered from C type hepatitis and received injection treatment in the hospital once a week. The disease did not have any influence on my daily life and I worked as usual. In my spare time, I like to take photos of beautiful mountain scenery or engage in gardening. I also went to gym regularly to maintain my muscular strength as my one passion in life was mountain climbing. In fact, I had once gone mountain climbing in the winter, a fact other people to be foolish but I liked the challenge.

Last June, however, I felt slight discomfort and just to be sure, I went to the hospital for an examination. I was then found to have liver cancer and the cancer cells had reached to the portal vein so much so that an operation could no longer be performed. Even chemotherapy did not help. Frustrated, the doctor told me that I could live for just three more months. Short as it was, I still thought at least I had that.

There was a new treatment developed at that time by the medical institute of Jiu Liu Mi University. It involved inserting a duct from the inside part of the thigh and with anti-cancer drugs injected six hours a day.

With the wish to give it a try, I told the doctor to put me under whatever program that might prove effective. I pleaded for help that I may recover my health through modern medical means. At least, I would be able to climb mountains again.

Break the prediction of three months’ life

Since knowing of my disease, my wife and I began to read numerous books relevant to cancer. Whether medicine or health food, I tried them as long as it was said to be effective against cancer.

Later, we got to read about Tian Xian liquid in the newspapers. At first, I was skeptical about its claims as we had already gone through so many useful medications. The more I understood the product, the more I realized that this must be the medicine I had been hoping for. My wife also encouraged me not to give up hope of cure. I began to take 3 or 4 bottles of Tian Xian liquid per day and 3 Tian Xian pills after each meal.

In about one month, the hospital treatment ran its course and I was allowed to leave. The sign of recovery was much clearer now. I was required to submit to an examination every two weeks and while I still continued to take anti-cancer drugs, I likewise pursued my use of the Tian Xian liquid and Tian Xian pills. I, who had been sentenced to only three months’ life, lived through the three months in peace and without pain. I even got to celebrate happily and boisterously the new year with my family.

Perhaps, due to my old age, my resistance to disease and ability for recovery had been greatly hampered. The after effects of the operation led to many inconveniences in my life and had made me uncomfortable.

In January 2000, I was again admitted to the hospital to have the previous duct pulled out and a new one inserted. When radiography drug was injected to show the state of my liver, the doctor impulsively exclaimed that few people could have such a quick recovery as myself. Hearing this while lying on the operating table, I breath a sigh of thanks to Tian Xian liquid.

In February my ECHO exam did not find any trace of cancer. MRI and CT scans also confirmed the same result. My happiness was beyond description.

Of course, it has not been made clear whether the combination of modern western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine is correct, but I am sure that it is due to Tian Xian liquid that I was able to defeat cancer. So, if your family members, friends or acquaintances are afflicted with cancer, please recommend Tian Xian liquid to him or her, that there may be hope and a beautiful future for them.



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