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How Joyful It Is To Live A Peaceful Life

Yamakuchi County, Mr. Kimura, 59

I decided to fight against cancer till the last moment of my life

It was over 10 years since cancer cells were found in my liver. At that time, physical examination revealed that my liver function was not too efficient. One year later, in 1989, on the day when Emperor Zhao passed away, I was diagnosed as suffering from cirrhosis. Since an operation would have been difficult, I instead went through liver artery embolism half a year later. In November that year, cancer was found in my stomach. The operation that followed removed my stomach and gallbladder. At that time, my wife kept the truth from me. She hid her tremendous grief and actively took part in gatherings for cancer patients. She availed of all relevant information and bore the problems by herself. Two years later, my wife finally revealed my real condition to me. Since I was to be subjected to ethanol injection treatment, she had to tell me the facts for she knew that I wouldn’t be able to go through this suffering without knowing why. This procedure required a 12-cm-long cylinder to be inserted in my body. The pain was excruciatingly beyond any words. Much strength was also required in undergoing such procedure. My wife, therefore, thought it only fair that I should know the truth.

Frankly speaking, after hearing the facts, I felt darkness suddenly envelop me. How can I believe it? When I thought about my wife bearing so much pressure and pain alone through this long period, I decided that I could not be demoralized. For my wife, and family members, I must defeat cancer.

Going through the torture of long-term treatment

From then on, I had undergone ethanol injection treatment 20 times per year and from 1999 onwards, the treatments were reduced to 9 times per year. My strength was totally consumed by this painful procedure. Unbelievably, I did not lose my appetite and my recovery was quite satisfactory.

In April 1999, I got to know Dr. Wang Zhengguo. My wife collected all kinds of news reports, magazines and books about cancer, in which she found Tian Xian liquid. The tumor at that time measured 6 cm, neither reducing nor growing. Although it caused liver encephalitis last year, the disease soon cured itself. My appetite and sleep were no different from normal people.

My wife said that almost all the cancer patients we met in the hospital have died from cancer recurrence five years later. On the other hand, the doctor did predict very slight chance of cure for me. Now, I am not only quite nimble in action but I keep a normal life. I have lived 10 years since getting hit with cancer and I can’t help feeling grateful. Cherishing the thought of total cure, I keep on taking Tian Xian liquid up to now.

While living with cancer, I make sure that enjoy life to my heart’s content. I usually listen to the radio, walk with my dog, grow vegetable, maintain my interest and live peacefully with my family. Maybe the principle of “existing peacefully with cancer” can be really applied to the fight against cancer.



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