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Finally, I Can Enjoy A Peaceful Life In My Old Age

Kanagawa County, Lady Namiki, 78

Cancer has not attacked again for three years up till now

In the ECHO examination I had last November 1995, a shadow was found in my liver. The following January, it was confirmed that the cancerous tumor was then 4 cm x 4 cm. I had gone to the hospital in February, but an operation was declared impossible due to my old age so I opted for embolism treatment instead.

The treatment was useless, however, so I left the hospital. In April that year, I learned of Tian Xian liquid from magazines. After developing enough confidence in what I had read, I began to drink 4 bottles of Tian Xian liquid one week before going back to the hospital in June.

I then went through embolism treatment again. Two weeks later, my appetite recovered and my complexion became healthy. One month later, the examination showed that the tumor had greatly reduced in size. This fact surprised my doctor no end.

Although the doctor suggested continuing with the embolism treatment, I refused on the ground of my old age. I continued drinking Tian Xian liquid only. Months after, in January 1996 to be exact, the examination showed that the tumor had disappeared completely. The tumor sign was only 1 digit!

In fact, my physical condition at that time was tremendously improved that I stopped taking Tian Xian liquid for the following two years. As a result, the cancer attacked again. Now, I am again undergoing embolism treatment, but at the same time, drinking Tian Xian liquid. In fact, for a patient who suffers from both cirrhosis and liver cancer, another attack is very likely. I think Id better drink at least two bottles of Tian Xian liquid everyday for the sake of prevention.

Now, cancer has not attacked again for three years. It can be deemed that I am fully recovered. I am sure it is Tian Xian liquid that is most effective.



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