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How To Take Care Of Your Body After Operation

Nakashima County, Mr. Etou, 40

On August, 1997, I was sent to the hospital attached to the medical department of Jiu Zhou University. During the preceding two months, I had a check-up at a local hospital where blood was found in my urine. I was released less than three weeks after because the cause could not be found. In order to detect the disease, I lived in the same hospital again and was subjected to various examinations every day. During this time, I did not take any medicine. On August 20, a duct was inserted in my ureter and the result was made known on August 28. The doctor in charge spoke to my family and revealed that three tumors were found in the middle part of the left ureter. An operation was scheduled to remove the left kidney and the whole ureter. After more discussions, the final diagnosis was cancer.

Despite this shock, my family tried their best to find other means of cure. We got information on the treatment of cancer through the Internet. We called its Hong Kong office to place an order. As soon as the Tian Xian liquid and Tian Xian suppository arrived, my family brought it to the hospital. On September 8, I started to use one pill of Tian Xian suppository and drank four bottles of liquid every day. Almost one week had transpired when the duct was again inserted into the ureter. They found that the three tumors disappeared. The doctor planned to cut away the tumors found in my bladder and at the bottom of my ureter on September 16. Due to the effects of Tian Xian liquid, the operation was postponed for two weeks and was later successfully performed. I was finally released from the hospital on October 22.

Today, I live every day happily and continue to drink Tian Xian liquid at a lower dosage.



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