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Make Good Use Of Medicine And Regain Life

Tokyo, Mr. Obune, 55

In August 1997, I was diagnosed to have stomach cancer, which progressively spread. An operation followed immediately. Two years later, it had metastasized to the lymph glands somewhere near the artery in the abdomen and the doctor gave me one year to live.

I decided I would defeat cancer and began to take Tian Xian liquid and anti-cancer drugs. As a result, three months later, the tumor reduced in size. At the end of March this year, it further reduced quickly and my wish was going to become reality. I suffered a lot from the side effects, however. In a state of discomfort, I felt the strong urge to take immune boosting and anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine Tian Xian liquid. Seeing my present condition, few would believed that the doctor once predicted my death in only one year.

In the middle of August, after the third examination, the doctor in charge confirmed again that the tumor kept decreasing in size. In fact, I was expecting that the cancer cells might have been wiped out completely. On the other hand, I reminded myself to sensibly keep alert. How could it be so easy? For CT scan showed that the cancer cells still existed, as if still grabbing at me. Anyway, I, myself, was surprised at my quick recovery in just one year.

In the face of this monster disease, keeping a good mental attitude plays a significant role in healing. Long-term treatment can surely lead to distress. The disease seems to recede at one time, only to strike back with full force the next time around. It is, therefore, necessary to keep oneself in a good mood at all times. Both the mental and physical states of the patient should be disciplined. Contrary to the doctor’s prediction, I have survived peacefully for over one year. Now, I declare aloud that I can “take a breath”. I had prepared a declaration of return to life, but since the tumor still remains in my body, I can only say “take a breath”.

Like all other patients, I have gone through various ordeals and meditated a lot about life in general. I have created a website where I relate my experiences in fighting cancer in the hope of providing a place for other cancer patients and their family members to think and study their options. The website is the result of my explorations, inspired with my blood and energy woven into it. Entitled “How to Defeat Cancer”, it is not only a record of hospital treatments but also my personal experiences in defeating cancer. I hope I could share with other patients who are suffering from cancer. If my experiences could be made a reference, it will be the greatest honor for me.

It is a very serious and important issue to fight against cancer. I hope that every one of you can contribute some information, advice, feelings, problems, etc. for exchange and discussion. Now, I wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning and take a walk near my home. Today, I met a couple I have communicated with for many years. We haven’t met for two years and it really seems like a long time. We greeted each other and seeing them deeply in love and healthy, I felt myself lighter and in a better mood. I resolve again that I should make more efforts in my personal struggles. I hope all cancer patients will never give up and continue fighting like me.



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