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Determined To Exist With Cancer

Chiba County, Amenaka, 71

Twelve or thirteen years ago, skin cancer was found on my ring finger. After seeking consultation with experts and since I always had a conservative attitude towards western medicine, I decided to adopt treatment using traditional Chinese medicine, aided by proper diet, Qi Gong, acupuncture and moxibustion. The initial stage of the cancer was most difficult to deal with. It seemed to mock me as I went through treatment seriously. The cancer cells spread like wild fire to my hands and three months later, I felt it spread through my whole body. My left wrist, which cancer attacked first, swelled to double its normal size and I felt piercing pain in every part of my body.

Cancer appeared in my internal organs as well much like breast cancer. I continued to deteriorate. Of course, I tried my best to fight against this illness. I told myself that cancer would not take my life away but that it has to be content in existing with me.

The real fact, though, was more serious. I would break out into cold sweat because of tremendous pain in my abdomen but I could do nothing but bear it.

Two years ago, I got to learn of Tian Xian liquid and started on the program. After I analyzed its ingredients, I decided that this will be the medicine than will save me.

As I expected, I felt warmth through my body and this really excited me.

One and a half years have passed. I, who had always been critical of traditional Chinese medical science and medicine, continued to drink Tian Xian liquid. I am the best testimony that it works.

In the past, I was afraid to take a trip to far away places for I suffered great pain all over my body. Now, I am free of this bondage. Recent tests showed that my internal organs are now quite improved. All this is due to Tian Xian liquid.



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