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Sharing Happiness And Experience

Hiroshima, Mr. Kawada, 61

In February 1995, the sudden melena surprised me and my family decided to bring me to the hospital for a check-up. The diagnosis was rectal cancer and surgery followed. Fortunately, the operation was very successful and one month later, the hospital cleared me for departure.

I continued to take the medicine prescribed in the hospital and suffered a lot from the side effects. Six months later, my niece who used to have uterus cancer recommended that I take Tian Xian liquid, a traditional Chinese medicine that is found to have potent effect against cancer. I started my Tian Xian program immediately and as a result, I fully recovered I half a year.

Five years have passed and my two latest physical examinations do no indicate any alarming developments. I have returned to my normal life. Now, I still drink Tian Xian liquid to stabilized my physical condition. I often take domestic trips and abroad. Now, I am in good physical state and even more active that I was before. The happiness of recovering my health is utterly wonderful and beyond belief.

I continued to drink Tian Xian liquid although the amount has been reduced. I thin this is a good way to keep healthy.



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