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Defeat Cancer With Absolute Confidence

Miyagaki County, Mr. Odachi, 48

On December 9, 1999, the doctor diagnosed my husband as having progressive rectal cancer. An operation lasting four and a half hours was performed the next day. Seeing my husband undergo concentrated treatment with ducts inserted in his body, I just could not help but break down.

Accompanied by my daughter, I listened carefully to the doctor in charge as he described the slice of tumor taken out. Although cancer cells did not metastasize, the tumor was exposed from the rectum and extended to the lymph vessels around. The visible part of the tumor was wholly removed. It was like a swollen (Chinese Character – please refer to page 263). Sitting in the doctor’s office, I felt everything going over my head, vague and had nothing whatsoever to do with me.

Although I couldn’t accept the fact, I was at a loss and still had to appear energetic enough to copy with clients. When I returned home, however, I couldn’t help falling apart. “Cancer equals death.” This thought kept going around in my mind, haunting me like an ever present ghost. I have such a good husband. Why does God have to be so unfair to me?

The day before my husband’s release from the hospital, the doctor told him about the rectal cancer, operation and plans for undergoing anti-cancer drug. Although he was firm in signifying his cooperation to the treatment plan, I could still feel his shock at all the information he had to suddenly absorb.

I proceeded to find out more about cancer and among the information I accessed was Tian Xian liquid, which was developed by Dr. Wang Zhengguo. With the assistance of the Japanese branch of the International Cancer Recovery Association, we came into contact with people mentioned in the book. From then on, I was convinced that only Tian Xian liquid can cure my husband.

My husband began to take anti-cancer drug for five days each month for a period of six months. At the same time, he also drank Tian Xian liquid. The combination of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine negated the side effects which was quite a surprise for the doctor. Several days ago and even months after the operation, my husband went through a detailed examination that showed newly generated cells at the suture to be normal.

When I recall the time when my husband was found to have cancer, I remember the burden that weighted upon me. Now, our whole family vow to “defeat cancer” and we believe this to be possible if he continues to drink Tian Xian liquid. We are sure then that dancer will be driven away, thanks to Tian Xian liquid.



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