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Find Chances Of Life In Despair

Taiwan, Zhou Yuzhen, 58

Since the lymph gland behind my ear swelled, I felt strange and went to the hospital for consultation. The diagnosis was nose cancer.

The doctor said it could be cured in two months after concentrated radiation therapy four or five times. I accepted the doctor’s advice. Subsequent treatment sessions, however, not only gave me pain in the noise but dry throat as well. I could not sleep at night and my weight dropped 10 kg from the original 65 kg. Chemotherapy followed. Five milliliters of anti-cancer drug was injected into my body continuously. I felt myself weakening. When chemotherapy was pronounced as finished four months later, I did not get better but felt greatly enervated and filled with discomfort.

At that time, I have heard that a friend was cured of stomach cancer after drinking Tian Xian liquid, which he bought from Hong Kong. I immediately left for Hong Kong and bought Tian Xian liquid. For two months, I simultaneous underwent chemotherapy and drank Tian Xian liquid. My physical state improved and I was very surprised because in the following six months, I simply relied on Tian Xian liquid alone.

It has been one year since I was found to have cancer. The examinations now confirm that the cancer cells are wiped out. The doctor also confirmed the positive effects I derived from Tian Xian liquid and expects me to continue drinking it.



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