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Hope Is Always At The Next Turn
Chiba County, Mr. Yamada, 41

Place all hope on the 80 percent effect

Many years ago, my husband had his thyroid gland removed when he was found to have thyroid gland cancer. Nine years later, in April 1992, the cancer metastasized to his lungs, brain and neck. Since cancer cells had spread to the two lungs, operation was deemed impossible. The doctor told me directly, “There are at most 3 to 4 years left.” In 1995, although he had regained his strength, his voice became hoarse; in February 1996, blood appeared in his phlegm.

When my husband was in the hospital, I started considering other treatments and recalled from books I have read before about Tian Xian liquid. I collected more relevant information and began to understand the product. When I read that it had 80 percent success rate, I rested all my hope on Tian Xian liquid.

My husband complained in disappointment that even traditional Chinese medicine is no use to him. I did not give up this glimmer of hope and encouraged him to take Tian Xian liquid 8 times a day. As a result, his physical state improved and he was soon released from the hospital.



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