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It Is Not Impossible To Restore Life To Normal

Tokyo, Mr. Nakashima, 74

A right decision

At first, the CT scan on my chest showed something abnormal. It was confirmed to be cancer after more precise study. Treatment followed immediately. That was in September 1999. On the bus that took me to the hospital, I saw the advertisement for the book “Fighting against Cancer”. After reading the book carefully, I decided to try Tian Xian liquid.

I contacted the Japanese branch of the International Cancer Recovery Association and began to take Tian Xian liquid under their instructions. Two months later, I clearly felt my strength regaining. The subsequent examination showed that the cancer cells did not grow. Besides, I have recovered my appetite and my complexion had turned ruddy. The doctor said that I should feel relieved.

The examination conducted in the beginning of this year showed that the tumor sign (CEA) was 39. I think I can now resume my normal life. The effects of Tian Xian liquid will be more obvious some time later. I will make more efforts and at the same time, hope that other cancer patients may accept Tian Xian.



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