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My Experience About Bone Cancer

Malacca, Wan Rsbiatul, 13

In October 1998, my left leg was seemingly a bit swollen. Since I was going to take part in the sports meet in Wu Ji Zhi Na Area on behalf of my school, I was often practicing playing ball and the 100-meter hurdle race. I thought, then, that I had sprained my leg. The sports meet was fast approaching while my leg began to swell more and more. I called the attention of my parents but both did not take it seriously. Mother also thought it was a simple sprain.

Two or three days later, my mother sent for a massage doctor to help me but this did not work. She took me to a private clinic and the doctor simply gave me some antibiotic for detumescence. Since it still did not work, Mother again took me to the same clinic where the doctor told her to take me to the Malacca Central Hospital for an X-ray. It turned out that the cancer had already worsened at this point and I had to be hospitalized immediately. Since Malacca does not have the equipment to diagnose and treat cancer, I was transferred to the Ma Da Medical Center at Kuala Lumpur.

There, the doctor carried out CT scan and tests on me to confirm the disease. All examinations were done and the conclusion was bone cancer. The doctor immediately subjected me to chemotherapy followed by surgery. The chemotherapy took six courses, three before the operation and three afterwards.

All my hair fell out including my eyebrows and eyelashes. To avoid the sunshine, which hurt my eyes, I had to wear sunglasses all the time. All the sufferings, I believed, were the way that led me to recovery with the help of God.

On December 31,1998, I was brought to the operating room in the company of my parents, brother and sister, to undergo operation on my left leg. I was scared and felt an impulse to run away but couldn’t. Then, I lost consciousness. When I opened my eyes again, it was over. I saw my parents and siblings by the bed so I did not sense anything drastically wrong. It took three days for me to realize that my left leg had been amputated. On the fourth day, I realized that there was nothing I could do but accept the fact, face reality courageously and learn to walk with the help of a crutch.

On March 15, 1999, I was diagnosed with lung infection and in the CT scan, doctors found two small tumor in my left lung and one in the right. I was frightened. I had, by then, learned to suppress my emotions. Another operation was suggested but it was deemed too risky. Without the operation, however, my chance of survival was very minimal since the cancer cells in my body were very active and spread quickly. My parents allowed me to make my own decision and I agreed with the doctor’s recommendation.

One week later, I still remember clearly that it was April 14,1999, I was again in the operating room. Due to my weakened condition and constant coughing, the doctor thought it was not the right time to operate. It was not until April 21 to 28 that the operation took place. It was considered a success since seven small tumors from my left lung and nine from my right lung were removed. These tumors were too small to be measured. Chemotherapy followed and I returned to the hospital for blood tests after the course was finished.

In December 1999, the doctor again suspected that cancer cells have spread to my heart and prepared me to undergo supersonic check. I was placed in a double ward and my roommate was a girl suffering from blood cancer. One day, the girl’s uncle, who is Chinese, visited her. He encouraged my mother to attend a scheduled lecture that will introduce an effective traditional Chinese medicine found to be effective against cancer. Several hours later, I was called to my heart examination but the doctor could not find any cancer cell in my heart as he suspected. The next day, the Chinese uncle brought the address of the agency that was organizing the lecture he mentioned. He seemed a bit vague about its price, though. That afternoon, Mother asked for permission to leave me at the hospital so that she could go to the agency and obtain additional information about the product. At home, my disease grew worse so I had to go back to the hospital. The effort to save the money from buying the Chinese medicine was reconsidered.

Finally, in December, Mother bought China No. 1 Tian Xian liquid and No. 5 Tian Xian pills. I took the medicine for four months before going to the hospital for another examination. The doctor said that the tumors in my lung were no longer active and did not grow any bigger. He warned, however, that this should also be proven in the X-rays. In June 2000, I had another X-ray and the doctor could not believe the result so much so that he ordered a second one. He showed the negatives to a professor who could not be sure whether the tumors in my body had been totally eliminated. The doctor argued that my lung appeared clear from the X-rays. When the analyst got the photographic plate, he could not believe the report either and had to further consult Prof. Peads Klinik, who agreed with my attending doctor. The result proved what the doctor said was unbelievable and the professor described as very special. The good news brought laughter to my family and I also hoped that it was true.

Up to now, I take Tian Xian liquid and Tian Xian pills. I can go back to school with the help of a crutch, my weight has risen to 43 kg and I have done a good job in my studies. Although I did not go to school for almost a year, I still passed the UPSR exams. Here, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to China No. 1 Tian Xian liquid and No. 5 Tian Xian pills which gave me confidence and happiness to live on.

May China No. 1 Tian Xian liquid and No. 5 Tian Xian pills bring me a bright future forever!



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