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Relish The Happiness In Uttering Words Again

Hong Kong, Kan Mukkwun, 54

Last April, I felt extremely tired so I went to the hospital for a check-up. X-rays showed that I had lung cancer. The doctor said that an operation must be performed right away. The pain in my lung did not disappear, however, even after the operation. The doctor claimed that the operation may have affected my ribs which was now causing the pain. Seven months later, I could not even utter a sound.

I was rushed to the hospital and the tumor was found to be pressing on my vocal cord, causing the loss of sound. In other words, cancer was back with a vengeance. The doctor could no longer do anything except to prescribe vitamins.

At that time, I remembered hearing about Tian Xian liquid and began to take it. In less than one month, I regained my vocal prowess. When I went to the hospital, the doctor revealed that the tumor in the lymph had disappeared and the sound in my lung was no longer unclear. I was in good condition.



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