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Only When I Fell Ill Did I Realize That Health Is Heaven

Malaysia, Wang Zhouhong, 63

Operation cannot be performed at old age

Taking heed of public health institutions’ repeated calls for senior citizens to have regular physical examination, I submitted myself to X-ray examination in March 1997.

A shadow appeared in my left lung and was diagnosed as lung cancer. The tumor, although benign, measured 6 cm x 2 cm. It was only through more complicated tests that it could be decided whether an operation would be necessary. Due to my old age, however, the doctor finally opted for treatment with medicine.

In May, my son found information in the Internet that Dr. Wang Zhengguo, expert on traditional Chinese medicine against cancer, would be making a diagnostic trip to Malaysia and treat patients free of charge. My son contacted Dr. Wang through a friend and Dr. Wang immediately diagnosed my affliction as lung cancer, He instructed me to take Tian Xian liquid, Tian Xian pills and Tian Xian paste for one course of treatment (one month).

One month later, my X-ray result showed that the tumor shrunk to half size. This was beyond our expectation!

In another examination on October 25, the doctor told us that the X-ray picture showed that the tumor disappeared completely. Hearing this news, I was overjoyed. It was with the help of Tian Xian liquid that I was able to escape from tremendous pain.

Now, although the tumor is gone, I continue to drink Tian Xian liquid at reduced dosage to prevent recurrence. The recent medical prognosis is that everything is normal. My appetite is back and I have become more energetic.



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