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Forget The Disease And Live A Vigorous Life

Taipei, Taiwan, Mrs. Yang, 71

My mother-in-law is open to the outside world even when suffering from disease

My mother-in-law who used to work on jobsites when she was young cannot live without doing something. She either weaves sweaters and others or rides around in her bicycle. She didn’t go to school because of poverty, so she attends evening class at present. Besides, she has been a volunteer worker for all her life. My mother-in-law is so energetic and healthy that she had almost never caught any disease. In October 1998, however, she suddenly coughed out bloody phlegm. The medical examination showed that she suffered from lung cancer and it was at the final stage.

I have not told her the truth

After my mother-in-law had undergone surgery and was released from the hospital, my husband heard his friends talk about a good traditional Chinese medicine. Thus, she began to take Tian Xian liquid from December onwards.

Tian Xian liquid immediately took effect and my mother-in-law gradually recovered and returned to being the original “energetic mother”. She once said, “The chance to contact the outside world cannot be given up even if one has caught disease.”

I did not want to do so before, but now, I encourage my mother-in-law to do whatever she wants. Although fate is beyond control, we must live a vigorous life to the end.




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