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Never Let Father Die Of Cancer

Kanagawa County, Mr. Oishi, 64

The whole family was thrown in great sorrow

On the morning of October 2, 1999, my father suddenly felt ill and vomited a basin of blood. He was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed as suffering from stomach cancer, which had already metastasized to his liver and developed into the fourth stage. There was only one year to live! After his whole stomach was removed, it was found that the tumor in the center of his liver had grown to 7 cm and the two small ones at the sides measured 2 cm each. All the tumors could not be removed even surgically.

It seemed as if the whole family was thrown into the bottom of a deep pit. Our minds were totally blank and the only obsession was that we cannot let Father die of cancer. Advertisements in the newspapers never interested me before, but this time, I noticed the advertisements for Tian Xian liquid in my search for possible cure. I got the books about Tian Xian liquid as advertised in the newspapers. After reading, I gained confidence in the product and bought some for Father to try.

Father had continuous high fever the week after his first operation and he lost his appetite so much so that his weight dropped 10 kg. When the fever subsided, I urged Father to drink the Tian Xian liquid. In doubt, Father still began to take 6 bottles of Tian Xian liquid every day. His excretion started to improve and he gradually regained his vigor. Father was now encouraged to continue taking the Tian Xian liquid.

It was originally recommended that Father take anti-cancer drugs after his strength stabilized. In time for the coming of the New Year, however, Father was temporarily released from the hospital. During this span of time, Father was not taking any other medicine except Tian Xian liquid. Contrary to doctorsí prediction, his complexion became ruddy, and he obviously had more energy and strength.

Later on, due to the side effects of anti-cancer drugs, he was apprehensive of becoming weak again and having to lie on the bed the whole time. A friend told us about an anti-cancer drug that could be injected directly to the liver. This treatment was reported to have minimal side effects and the patient could continue working even while under treatment. We transferred to another hospital and availed of the said treatment, which Father is subjected to up to now. Besides drip-feeding injection, intake of Tian Xian liquid is continued.

It has been one year since Father was confirmed to be terminally ill. Although he had lost almost 20 kg by now, the cancer cells have not metastasized to other parts of his body and he could maintain a normal life. All this, we attribute to Tian Xian liquid.



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