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Never To Accept Failure

Byogo County, Lady Sawada, 77

Take strength in daily activities

I underwent an operation for breast cancer 10 years ago and had regular check-ups twice a year. In the summer of 1997, cancer was found in my liver. Another operation was performed and ethanol injection treatment was commenced combined with anti-cancer drug. Due to the violent side effects of the anti-cancer drugs, I lost my appetite and could not ear for nearly 3 months. Treatment had to be stopped. At that time, a relative introduced me to Tian Xian liquid.

I had thought that all medicines tasted terrible but is was no in this instance. I had no difficulty in taking Tian Xian liquid at all. I first took 2 bottles every day. Later, in the hope of triggering a quick recovery, I drank 6 bottles of the liquid each day. As expected, the radiation examination showed that the shadow in my liver disappeared and blood test also verified the same.

I received anti-cancer drug injection twice a month while drinking Tian Xian liquid everyday. I felt no effect from the anti-cancer drug and enjoyed delicious food. During the latter part of my hospital stay, my hearty appetite and restful sleep amused even the nurse. I was then drinking 4 bottles of Tian Xian liquid per day to prevent another cancer attack and planned to continue this regimen in the future.

I am impetuous by nature and I am not worried about catching the disease. I do keep myself busy so that I will forget this debilitating experience. I have now relegated all housework to my son and daughter-in-law. I spend every day as usual.

Thank Tian Xian liquid for helping me to return to live and relieved me of the worry of this disease. Now, I share my happiness with my family.

If asked how I was able to defeat such a monster disease, I think not accepting failure was the secret of my fight against cancer.




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