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New York, USA, Mr. Nick Mark, 62

It was a pity that the cancer was not detected earlier

I suffered from diabetes before I was 40. I had tried various medicines but my liver function just kept deteriorating. When the medical examination showed the state of my liver, the doctor said that it was likely due to my diabetes. I, therefore, did not pursue further check-up. My condition grew worse, however, and in early June 1992, after I was transferred to another hospital, I was told I had C type hepatitis. I was given stimulant injection but I did not have to remain in the hospital for long.

The following year, after a trip with my whole family, I found blood in my stool. The diagnosis was large intestine cancer. I had surgery where a 1.5 cm tumor from the large intestine was removed. The doctor regretted not having detected the cancer earlier. Afterwards, I returned to work for one more year but I was constantly feeling exhausted. At home, I could not do anything but lie down. Soon, I was again in the hospital for liver cancer. Chemotherapy was not successful as the doctor said that cancer has metastasized.

Recovered strength and enjoy living again

After the operation, I suffered from pneumonedema in the abdomen and I took diuretic to help ease the situation. I was losing protein so protein was complemented through drip-feeding.

Unexpectedly, the doctor said the my lymph gland may have been damaged so I needed another operation. Although the operation was quite normal, they found white powder in the liver. It was then ascertained that the cancer had spread to the liver. The doctor could do nothing but inform that I only have several months left. At that time, I got to know Tian Xian liquid from news report. I began to drink 6 bottles of the liquid every day. Several days later, bits of white powder appeared in the ducts connected tome.

Upon inquiry to the doctor, he would not give me a direct answer but rather offered for me to leave the hospital if I wanted to. I thought that I was going to die and that the doctor had already given up all hope. Apparently, it was the doctor did not know what the white powder was.

It may be due to Tian Xian liquid, though, that the pneumonedema in my abdomen subsided. I had to go through another operation that the pneumonedema may be reduced further. About one month after the latest operation, the ducts connected to me were all taken away and I was released from the hospital. Now, I have already recovered my strength and I can take care of my beloved plants as before. I send my grandson to school and meet him when school is over. All these are gifts from Tian Xian liquid.



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