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The Ever Worsening Nightmare Finally Stopped

Kanagawa County, Tokokawa, 67

Operation again and again

I am not very strong. It is not only usual for me to catch cold but I get bedridden two or three days every time I fall ill. I am surrounded by cold medicine and have constipation occasionally.

The physical examination in the summer of 1994 showed that I suffered from C type hepatitis, which developed into cirrhosis. At the beginning of the following year, during an operation to remove my spleen, tumor was found in parts of my liver. I underwent ethanol injection treatment, but the effect was not as good as expected.

In 1996, the tumor grew bigger and bigger, so that I had to have one third of my liver and gallbladder removed as well. In 1997, it developed into liver cancer. Up till now, I received five liver artery embolism operations.

It was after the second operation that I began to drink Tian Xian liquid. Thanks to Tian Xian liquid, my strength has recovered and my appetite has become as good as before. More importantly, Tian Xian liquid has hastened the deterioration of the tumor.



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