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It Is Better To Live Even Just One Day More

Siadama County, Mr. Ikeda, 51

Searching for traditional Chinese medicine suitable for me

My husbandís liver has never been in good condition and he goes to the hospital for treatment. One day, his physical state seemed quite abnormal so I suggested for him to have a complete medical examination even though it was not yet due. The examination showed that c1ncer had developed into a late state. The doctor said that there was at most two to three months left for him. This unbelievable fact made me tremble. Darkness enveloped and clouded over me.

When my husband left the hospital two months later, he became quite suspicious since he was never told the truth. He was distrustful and became uneasy. Family members tried to make his return to normal life easy and tried to relieve him of pressures. No matter what happened, we tried to restrain ourselves from showing our feelings. I vowed to help him live on! My husband gradually guessed his illness and began to search for suitable traditional Chinese medicine. In his search, he came across Tian Xian liquid and began to take it.

Tian Xian liquid differed from all other traditional Chinese medicine. Shortly after he began taking the liquid, his mental state improved day by day. He became more alert and cheerful that I could not suppress my happiness. Recently, my husband seemed more energetic than any one of us. It had been five years ago since he was sentenced to die in two months time. He continues his regular examination and now, knows that the tumor has become very small.

Benefiting a lot from Tian Xian liquid, my husband suggests Tian Xian liquid whenever family members or friends fall ill. Now, my energetic husband works even better and harder for his beloved family.




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