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Climb From The Valley Of Despair

Osaka, Japan, Mr. Kido, 66

Place all hope on the newest radiation treatment

My liver had never functioned well in over 20 years and I take medicine prescribed by the doctor. I was diagnosed as suffering from C type hepatitis and received treatment of stimulant.

Two years later, data showed that the disease was brought under control and I was relieved. The disease deteriorated suddenly, however, and had developed into cancer.

After undergoing liver artery embolism in July 1998, I was almost cured. Nevertheless, cancer cells were found near the portal vein. Another liver artery embolism was performed, but this time, it was in vain. In search of more reliable treatment, I was told by someone that the Tokyo University hospital was carrying out the latest “radio treatment” and it entailed sending out radioactive waves from the top of a needle through the wavelength of MICRO wave. I can at once kill cancer cells 3 times more than before. I immediately took a trip to the hospital to try and receive this treatment.

The hospital mentioned, however, is a research institute that did not consider treating patients as its main function. Patients who traveled long distances to get there were referred to other relevant hospitals on the ground that there were not enough beds. I waited several months to get into the program only to be told that my disease was beyond cure.

At that time, the tumor had already invaded the portal vein and spread to three lymph glands. The lymph node swelled to 3 to 4 cm. Neither operation nor radioactive wave or radiation worked!

I had asked the doctor whether my situation was really hopeless. He cold-bloodedly countered that everybody dies at some point and that even though operation can still be performed on my case, it was better for me to go home and pray. He added that I can consider radiation therapy but that I should not be too optimistic.

Despair beyond description suddenly overwhelmed me. I could only glare at the doctor for his brusque manner. That night, my tears flowed through the whole night and I could not open my eyes in the subsequent days and nights. Nurses kindly suggested for me to take a walk around Tokyo. “Be open-minded. You are in Tokyo. Take a walk.” Thus, my wife and I discarded our worries temporarily and enjoyed the pleasure of shopping.

Hope emerged from the darkness

Maybe the tour of Tokyo relieved me of my worries, I found myself much calmer to consider what the doctor said. Finally, I decided to seek radiation treatment. Unexpectedly, the doctors from the different departments of the hospital gave me different opinions. One told me that my disease was not fatal and that I need not worry. The new radiation treatment was controlled by computer and only worked on cancer cells. The side effects were not as violent as before. What was most exciting was that they knew of another hospital offering the same treatments in the Guanxi area and that they would have me transferred there.

In November 1999, I received radiation treatment 25 times. In January 2000, I had an embolism treatment for the newly found tumor in my liver. It was at this time that I started my Tian Xian liquid regimen. I thought that even if western medicine could cure cancer, the side effects would still kill me if my immune system is not strong enough. So I placed all my hope on Tian Xian liquid. One month later, the tumors at the portal vein, three lymph glands and the liver were wiped out.

The doctor, himself, asked me in surprise, “How did they disappear?” It was so incredible and I did not know what to say. A subsequent examination showed small sized cancer tumor in the lung. The doctor assured me, though, that radiation could definitely beat this. I felt so relived although I knew that it is only because of Tian Xian liquid that I could continue to defeat cancer.

I was once thrown into great despair, but I am convinced that I am to climb out of the bottom of the valley one day.



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