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Family Members Gave Me The Courage To Struggle For Survival

U.S.A., Mr. Fred Waltic, 52

At the beginning, I felt weak and constantly tired. My weight mysteriously dropped sharply and ultimately, I had become unable to drive the bus. After a thorough examination in a hospital in Los Angeles, the doctor indicated suspicion of cancer. I was immediately referred to a cancer-specialized hospital for CT scan. The final diagnosis was cancer of the large intestine in the terminal stage. The cancer has grown to its final stage and I was urged to undergo surgery right away. Since my wife is Chinese, my Chinese mother-in-law sent me Tian Xian liquid, a kind of traditional Chinese medicine well known in Hong Kong. The subsequent operation was declared successful and although the tumor had been removed, a few cancer cells remained in the lymph nodes, which the doctor warned could lead to a recurrence. I received chemotherapy and at the same time, drank Tian Xian liquid. The doctor cautioned that the chemical treatments will cause violent side effects such as vomiting, general debilitation, hair loss, etc. Fortunately for me, no side effects manifested in my case.

I kept on drinking the Tian Xian liquid and as a result, the cancer cells left after the operation were completely eliminated and did not have the power to attack again. During the following six months after my operation, my weight dropped over 50 kg. Now, this too returned to my original weight of 78 kg and I work even harder than before.

My family consists of eight persons; my wife, four children and parents and I foresee working for their welfare for another five to ten years. To prevent another cancer attack and to fortify my health condition, I drink two bottles of Tian Xian liquid for my sake and for the sake of my family.




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