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Reliance On Body And Heart After Operation

Malaysia, Chen Yueyun, 37

In October 1999, my sister was diagnosed to have third stage cancerous tumor in its located at the bottom of her large intestine (sigmoid flexure). She went through an operation in a cancer-specialized hospital. An artificial anal opening was then installed. After the operation, the doctor suggested radiation therapy. My sister, who happened to work in the Malaysia Agency of Tian Xian liquid, knew that if radiation and anti-cancer drug were to be complemented with Tian Xian liquid, the results would be better.

She also had a thorough understanding of the side effects of anti-cancer drug and radiation. The whole family gathered together to discuss whether she should receive the suggested treatments.

Finally, we decided to forego the radiation treatment and opted to rely on Tian Xian liquid alone. Three months after the operation, my sister began to take Tian Xian liquid, and after another month, added Tian Xian pills up to now. My sister did not receive any other special therapies, but she has b good healthy complexion now and is recovering her lost weight. The tests in the hospital show that the cancer cells had disappeared. We are so joyful for this positive news! Thank Tian Xian liquid for putting my sisterís disease under control.



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