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Regain The Happiness From Sons And Grandsons

Hong Kong, Ding Suk Ying, 70

Fifteen years ago, I resigned my job in the hope that I can start on a leisurely life in the company of my grandson. In autumn three years ago, I felt discomfort in my throat when swallowing food and even felt like vomiting after every meal. I was suddenly seized by a sense of foreboding.

Nevertheless, I did not take it seriously until gradually I became unable to swallow food. Urged by my daughter, I fearfully went to the hospital for an examination. X-rays showed a tumor in the center of the esophagus and it was over 10 cm. The doctor said that due to my age, an operation would be difficult so that it is better to have radiation and chemotherapy.

After the series of treatments, I was still unable to swallow food due to the side effects of the treatments. I was extremely exhausted and always felt like vomiting despite the fact that my stomach was empty. I thought, maybe I was going to die.

At that time, I came to know of Tian Xian liquid, a traditional Chinese medicine from my son-in-law. I bought the product and started to drink it. To my surprise, I could take in liquid food after two weeks and in a month’s time, the side effects disappeared and I could eat soft food without difficulty.

X-rays showed that the tumor had reduced by one third in three months. The doctor gladly credited the result to the radiation and chemotherapy. For myself, I was quite sure that it was due to Tian Xian liquid that I had easily recovered.

Three years had passed and of course, I can proudly declare that I am doing very well.



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