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Miraculous Return To Life When There Was Only Three Months Left

South Africa, Mr. Klarkon, 57

I was examined and found to have myeloma by my friend, Dr. Botag. I thought it could be cured with medical treatment. The follow-up examination in April 1995, however, showed that myeloma attacked again. The doctor was sorry to inform me that it has spread to my hands and I only have three to six months to live.

Although I could accept this fact, I could not stand the tears of my family and the desperate expressions in their eyes. As I gave up and began to rearrange my work to spend more time with my family, my elder brother, who works with the embassy in India, sent me a letter containing information about Tian Xian liquid. He emphasized that I should give this a try. This was in July and although I did not cherish any hope, I wanted to have more time for my family so I decided to give Tian Xian liquid a try.

Since I ordered through mail order, it was already August that got to drink Tian Xian liquid. Wonder was achieved! One or two weeks after, my weakened condition gradually recovered.

In another examination, even Dr. Botag was surprised at my recovery. All kinds of tests showed improvement. The examination in May 1997 confirmed that the cancer cells had been wiped out. The regular marrow test and blood test also showed that everything was normal.

It is a real miracle for me! The doctor predicted six months but I have survived longer. I believe that since I can recover, so can others, too. Never give up on your life. Believe and hope in the positive effects brought by Tian Xian liquid.



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